Special Guest

2019 Sea Glass Festival


Special Guest Author Mike Baran

Mike Baran counts his blessings to have followed his heart and live as a professional beachcomber, however his path to the shoreline was anything but conventional.

He was born and raised on Montreal’s west island. Mike always had a thirst for adventure and new experiences. He studies Archaeology and Anthropology. Mike lived in Calgary for a decade. In 2018 he moved to Cape Breton Island. Mike is the author of  “Sea Glass: Piecing Together History”. Mike has built a reputation over the past decade for taking sea glass origins to the next level, not only tracing their origins but telling stories of the time periods and people who once owned them. Mike will be sharing his most unique finds from the shoreline , the untold stories and the origins behind them.




The Sea Glass Committee and the Town of Souris would like to thank the following special guests for being part of our festival.

2017: Yvette Sheehan, Teri Hall, Anita St. Denis, and Patricia Ettinger

2016: Teri hall, Yvette Sheehan, Patricia Ettinger, anita St. Denis

2015 Teri Hall  “A Sea Glass Journey, Ebb & Flow”

2014 Elli Mercier

2013 Richard Lamont